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Guiding Questions

Total Possible Points

Effective Engagement

To what extent does the submission effectively engage underrepresented communities to pursue space technology opportunities?

  1. Ineffective Engagement

  2. Very Little Engagement

  3. Somewhat Effective Engagement

  4. Effective Engagement

  5. Highly Effective Engagement

5 Points

Impact on Communities

To what extent does the submission contribute to capacity building efforts delivering impact to the community pursuing space technology funding opportunities?


  1. No Impact

  2. Very Little Impact

  3. Some Impact

  4. Clear Impact

  5. Significant Impact

5 Points

Cultural Awareness

How well does the submission adapt and remain relevant within the unique cultural context of the community?

  1. Very Poorly

  2. Poorly

  3. Adequately

  4. Well

  5. Very Well

5 Points

Future Impact Potential

Does the application demonstrate the potential to positively empower underrepresented individuals and communities in the space technology sector in the future?

  1. No Potential

  2. Low Potential

  3. Moderate Potential

  4. High Potential

  5. Very High Potential

5 Points